The Light Of The Stars



Echo Moon, Guest Writer

“Why do you fear the stars?” my best friend asked with an interested smile.

We sat on my favorite hill looking at the night sky. It was a little cold. I looked her in the face and asked, “Why do you ask?”

She responded, “I see you come to this hill often and look in the sky with fear in your eyes. Are you scared that they’ll fall out of the sky or something?”

“Yes, I look at the sky with fear and sadness. Not with the fear that the stars will fall out, but with fear and sadness for my people. They are stuck in a world of darkness and some have passed to the far country.”

My friend looked like she was in shock and then she started to laugh, “That’s a good story. It’s not real, of course. You are a really good storyteller. It was like I was with you in your fictional world.” 

Then she saw my face. “It is real, isn’t it? Sorry, I forgot that you can’t lie.”

I sadly smiled. “I was the only one who left and survived.”


The world was once beautiful. Full of life, full of color, full of light. I used to play in the oceans of flowers. It didn’t take long for the worlds around us to get jealous of our beautiful planet. They wanted it for themselves. 

They only had hurt, pain, and ugliness. They came in swarms of destruction. They fought each other until the outsiders destroyed each other. While the planet was weakened the Darkners came and took over. 

The Darkners hated beauty. They came to make our planet Darkners paradise. Full of darkness, full of hate, and full of suffering. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to escape the planet. But I was the only one lucky enough to escape the Darkners. I didn’t know that until I made it to the NovaStar and I came out of hibernation.


“I used to ask ‘Why me? Why am I the only one? Why didn’t I die with my friends and family?’ Now I know I will probably never know those answers. But I can still live my life. I will not take my life. I will live for them.”

I look over at my friend, she is openly crying. Then I feel her arms around me and I let the tears spill out.