The Unicorn Tapestry


Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Clara Nemo, Guest Writer

“Oh my goodness Jade!” said Tooki.

“You are a genius! This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen!”

I blushed in pride and embarrassment. I looked at my creation and I did feel like this was a piece that deserved to be called amazing.

But me being a genius well… I didn’t know about that.

“You’re too kind, Tooki! I am no genius but I do admit it is very pretty, one of the best workpieces I have done in my life!”

Tooki nodded in her motherly way, she was a round creature and was the castles head cook, I had no mother but I always thought of her in a way that I might have if she were really my flesh and blood.

I turned to the tapestry, “do you think the King will like it?”

“Of course he will! He has never had a finer piece ever presented in all the castle’s long life! This is amazing!”

I rolled my eyes, this went too far by praise, “it is just a tapestry, Tooki! I have made hundreds of them and they are much like this one, I do admit this one is fine but nothing compared to the others he has in his halls.”

Tooki shrugged, “if you say so, but I am not taking back what I said.”

And with that, she bustled off. I smiled after her and looked back at my tapestry. It had taken me around two years to finish this one-off and that did not include all the time I spent looking for the best dyes and planning the pattern.

It was a large tapestry and covered most of the wall I had put it on until I presented it to the king. It depicted a large meadow with a lake at the centre, I had searched for ages to find the right dye to use and the way it had turned out was extraordinary! The waves rippled on the lake shone in many shades of bright blue colours. The grass was a deep green and the flowers that coated it was all different colours. In the centre was a rearing unicorn stallion. He was a dazzling white and had deep violet eyes.

I was proud of my tapestry. I had a dream one night many years ago that had inspired me to make this tapestry. It was the scene which I had depicted in the tapestry and to my delight, it looked exactly as it had in the dream.

A tapestry worthy of the king’s halls, I smiled.

I glanced back at the hanging tapestry and made a noise in shock – for a moment I swear I saw the unicorn move its head. I shook my head and berated myself for being stupid, then I walked away and down a corridor.

A second later I was back. Telling myself it was stupid had not worked, I had to see again if it had moved or if I was going mad, just to make sure.
To my astonishment, I saw the stallion move again! It was not only his head this time, but his whole body! It came down from its rearing pose and looked straight at me. I gasped and backed away. I really must be going mad!

The unicorn tossed its mane of white hair and stamped its feet. In a burst of speed, it turned around and rushed forward at me. I screamed as the unicorn jumped out of the tapestry and clomped onto the stone floor of the castle hallway.

I sat on the floor and stared at the unicorn in wonder. He looked at me with his bright violet eyes and then leaped back into the tapestry and disappeared from sight.

I sat on the floor breathing in gulps of air. What was wrong with me? Was I going mad? But no, I couldn’t be, because the unicorn had disappeared from the tapestry. I jumped up and raised my hand to feel for the knots to check if the unicorn was really in actuality gone.

But I screamed as my hand went right through the tapestry, my whole hand was gone, I quickly pulled my arm away and my hand emerged from the tapestry unharmed.

I took a deep breath and put my hand into the tapestry again, and sure enough, it went right through. I knew I was probably asleep or going mad, but I felt an urge to go through into the tapestry,

“It is all in your head, do not go into the tapestry, Jade!” I said to myself,

Then with a deep breath, ignoring what I had just said, I walked into the tapestry and disappeared from the cold castle corridor.