Gun Control: The REAL Problem


Photo by Specna Arms from Pexels

Treysen Anderson, Guest Writer

February 16th, 2017, was more than just Valentine’s day. It was the day when another teenager terrorized the nation by shooting up another school with another firearm. It was the day when more children died, more lives were shaken, and more opposition against guns. I mean, a lot more opposition against guns.

Protests, legislation, you name it: everyone seems to be against guns. Interestingly enough, also that year, a game called FortNite came out. Ever played it? The entire game is based on killing as many people as you can. Sound similar? But, no, it’s obviously not the several hundred violent video games that are causing these deaths: it’s the guns.

All right. I’ll humor you. Let’s say it is the fault of the guns that these people are being murdered. From mass school shootings to gang brawls to hate deaths, in all of these cases the guns can and should be blamed for the bloodshed. After all, 14,000 people were killed in gun-related incidents last year.

Let us restrict, establish gun-free zones against, and even ban guns. And, following this same principle, all road fatalities brought to pass by texting and driving can and should be blamed on the phone. 40,000 people were killed by car wrecks, and roughly half of those were caused by phones, leading to a total of 20,000 deaths due to phones. However, in these cases, the phone is merely ignored and we continue, warning and encouraging our communities to use their phones wisely when we all know that phones should be restricted and we should establish phone-free zones to protect our citizens.

Speaking of gun-free zones, how do they work, anyway? A simple sign in front of the area you wish to protect from guns should do. Why? To keep people from being shot, of course! After all, people will see the signs and keep their guns away. It’s common decency. There’s only one problem. Shooters aren’t decent people. Even if I put a big “NO STEALING !” sign in front of my shop door, criminals will still rob and plunder.

A gun-free zone should be just the same. But, no, it’s not. Fortunately for us, we have a trick up our sleeves. Metal detectors and pat-down officers. They protect everyone in their store from being shot. If you walk through these upright, sensitive waves, any metal will set it screeching like crazy. And pat-down officers will investigate any hard or large objects under your coat. It’s the perfect solution to a problem such as this. Although, to be frank, this actually would not stop anyone from shooting up the place if they wanted to.

So it seems smart that we should ban guns to keep people from being murdered. But, here we come up with a pesky problem: the second amendment of the constitution, which says that the right of the people to keep and bear guns can’t be infringed. Darn. Well, here’s a good reason why it should not apply anymore. The constitution was made in the late 1700s when guns were flintlock rifles that took five minutes to load and could only shoot once, puny squirt guns compared to the automatic weapons of today that can shoot up to 1400 bullets a minute.
Obviously, the founding fathers didn’t grant free reign or even reign period on these hulking pipes of death. Therefore, we are perfectly justified in banning automatic guns. But, I’m going to step out of character for a minute. The constitution was meant to protect the rights of the people, for sure. But it also was created to protect the people from the government.

Back in the day, the founding fathers granted guns because they remembered the days when a well-stocked, well-armed military from the British government was met by an equally well-armed militia from the common farmers and citizens of the thirteen colonies. They knew that, for people to be completely free, they must have the same weapons and ability to defend themselves as their government.

So, honestly, we can’t use that excuse to get rid of guns! The second amendment is just as necessary today as it was three hundred years ago. And, here’s something no parent wants to hear- an inconvenient truth to match Al Gore’s, so Awful, Horrible, and Devastatingly Crushing that everyone refuses to listen to it and it’s all but been banned from every political discussion. Mass shootings, mentally deranged teenagers, armed with stolen weapons, killing children in schools, adults in church, and mixed groups in theaters is not–this is so hard to say–the fault–here goes–of the guns! The reason why parents are so reluctant to hear this is that the fault lies not in the guns but in them-for letting their children watch and play extremely violent material.

Earlier I brought up the video game FortNite. This game is literally teaching our children to kill. If that was the only reference we might be OK. but it’s not. Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, even multiple Mario games-the sheer amount of games where violence is the objective creates a culture of teenagers who see it day and night. And, as if that was not enough, their parents watch it incessantly on television, death, gore, and immorality not only staged but actual cases of individuals who lack humanity.

And yet many people ignore the fact that our teenagers and children are getting the ideas from what they are allowed to play and watch. They insist that it’s the fault of me and all other gun owners that insane people are shooting up schools, churches, and theaters. Wow. I am truly touched by the comparison. The only thing that we have in common is that we both are protected by the second amendment. There is such a huge gap between us. Have you ever wondered why the largest shootings happen in gun-free zones? The deadliest shooting on record in the United States, in a [gun free] outdoor theater near the Mandalay Bay casino, broke the record held by the previous shooting in a [gun free] night club in Orlando, Florida.

See what I mean? The truth of it is, for “Bad Guys” to shoot everyone up or stab the living…well, everything out of people, there has to be a lack of “Good Guys” that have the power to retaliate.

Why do we have to have this conversation in the first place? There have been 325 people killed in mass shootings in 2019 alone. It would make sense that we need to change something.

Quite a few European places have tried to find the correct solution. Unfortunately, they have done so without addressing the real problem.
-London’s murder rate exploded when they tried to ban guns. Guns are still being used.
-Barcelona, Spain, tried banning guns and had to ban knives, too. Both attempts lowered but did not stop the crime rate used with those respective weapons.
-Germany suffered from several car attacks in the years following their banning of guns. In the spirit of protecting their citizens, they should also ban cars, acid, and sharp things to prevent murders. Maybe ropes, sheets, and blankets, too. (You don’t want people being hanged).

See what I mean? If people could just see the real problem, all violent movies, publications, and games would be at least discouraged, if not all-out banned. The real problem can’t be solved with legislation, it can’t be solved with politicians, and it certainly can’t be solved with rights violated. The real problem can only be solved with the minds and morals of the common people. It’s up to you and me to stop shootings from happening. Let’s start today.