Supreme Court Case Pulls Foundation Out From Under Global Warming Activists


Photo by Harrison Haines from Pexels

Sonya S. Smith, Guest Writer

Global Warming has been a big issue in politics and for activists for almost thirty years, and is supported by what is famously called the “Hockey Stick Graph.” But the Hockey Stick Graph was just discredited when the author of the graph, Michael Mann, refused to bring the data he used to create it into court.

Starting in 2001, many people said the Hockey Stick Graph was either seriously flawed or fraudi

Dr. Tim Ball, a scientist, and global warming skeptic thought that Michael Mann had tweaked the data he had used to make the graph to get the results he wantedii Michael Mann sued Dr. Tim Ball for defamation in 2011iii

In his defense, Dr. Tim Ball said that if Mann would release his data, it would prove Mann was a “fraudster”. The judge agreed with this and asked Mann to bring his data to the court. Roughly eight years later, Michael Mann has still not released his data, so the judge dismissed the caseiv

While this is not exactly a win for Dr. Tim Ball, one must consider why Michael Mann, a scientist funded by our tax dollars, refused to produce his datav

It could be because he tweaked it because he knew it would not stand up in court, or because it was all just a lie. So even though global warming and the Hockey Stick Graph have not exactly been disproved, the foundation for global warming activists and believers is starting to crumble.