Fake Friends


Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Alexa George, Guest Writer

I’m tired of all these fake friends,

Lying behind my back will it ever end,

Seems like this world is always at contend,

Wandering through actions in a pretend.


Understanding it now feels like I left solid ground,

Searching for someone to claim me found,

Sometimes scared by hearing the pound

Of lying, cheating, thieving all mushed in a mound.


Throwing myself in the world only to be at disregard,

Videos, Texts, picture all being shared,

Lowering my esteem and making me scared,

Why do I feel like I’m all alone?


‘Friends’ on social media only see the number of likes,

Yet in person, I am never treated right,

Guess I’m at fault for ignoring the signs,

Living in denial acting like everything’s fine.


Portraying a friendship online that’s fake,

Say you love me online but never to my face

Trying so hard to get those likes every single day

Didn’t think friendship would be this way.


Cancel last minute, late responses, no regards to how I feel,

Man, I just want to know what it feels like to have something real,

Someone who actually cares can talk for hours about nonsense,

Someone to actually be there for me, my day one, my constant.


I’m tired of trying to make things work, I’ve been so guarded,

Looking back in disbelief wonder how it all could have started,

I am slowly starting to realize I wasted my time,

I’m sick and tired of playing pretend, living life as everything’s fine.


I open up, only to be let down,

What’s with it and me not knowing who I am now,

Instagram and Snapchat hiding my true face,

Not sure how I got to this place.


But you know what I deserve better than this- I need to be strong.

I know what I deserve, it’s time to move on.


You don’t like me that’s fine

I just wish I found out sooner and didn’t waste my time

I’m tired of all these lies