Tanner Hoyal


Zoe King, Journalist

I first met Tanner in 7th grade Leadership. Full of energy and ideas, he was ready to conquer any challenge that came his way.  And I mean any. Seriously, on the very first day of class, our mentor, Ms. Miller mentioned that there would be a class presidency, and Tanner was the first to volunteer, and he actually made a really great vice-president. (Not to flex or anything, but I was president.) Tanner was really dedicated to his job. He came up with all sorts of games and activities in an attempt to get our class to participate. And they worked! Barely anyone outside of the presidency was participating in class, and by the end of the semester, nearly everyone was participating to some degree.

In September, Tanner and I were on the Williamsburg Shakespeare team, which was an adventure and a half. It was pretty easy to see his love for filmmaking, acting, and the arts in general. This year, I had the pleasure of working with Tanner in Journalism, and let me tell you, he takes his job as head of the Ketch-up team very seriously. You can tell that filmmaking is what he wants to do with his life, and I applaud that. He also is a really great leader and project coordinator. He communicates his expectations, and then inspects what he expects, which is how I know he’ll be a great addition to the SBP.