Will Tiger Woods Ever Be as Good as Before?


Tiger Woods Ventures

Darian Faust, Journalist

Tiger Woods is the greatest player to ever swing a golf club.  From the age of two, Tiger was hard at work honing his swing. Tiger has dominated the golf course since he was a child. He was the youngest golfer ever to win the U.S Amateur Championship at the age of twenty. However, it is his actions both on and off the golf course that would make him infamous in the years to come.

Tiger Woods is known for making a comeback after years away from the game, often blowing out the field over all. He is the man who made golf what it is today.

Tiger Woods won 14 major tournaments before he was in a car accident that resulted in a debilitating back injury. His back injury would have a huge impact on his career. His injury kept him from doing what he loved. Tiger slowly dwindled off the PGA tour. He tried but he could not play he had too much pain in his back. He decided  it was time for him to stop and get back healthy.

From 2016 to late 2018 Tiger was not heard of in the golf world. But in 2018 Tiger said his back surgery was a success. Now it was time for him to work on his swing again. Tiger Woods came back in 2018 and won the Tour Championship. Since then Tiger has not won a single tournament or championship. He has had a few top ten finishes, but has never finished the job he is so renown for. Will Tiger Woods ever come back and dominate the field like in his past? Only time will tell if he can regain his title.