Burger Beginnings to a Globe Trotting Nanny

Burger Beginnings to a Globe Trotting Nanny

Sophie S., Journalist

She sat on the plane her backpack containing all she required the next week. Organizing her stuff to assure she would meet the train and then the boat to get to her destination. This, necessary for her free-spirited sanity.

Known across the world as Ms. Malia, she is jokingly referred to as ‘Malia Poppins’ or ‘baby whisperer.’ Spending most of her days with kids, but on the off chance, she doesn’t have her little companions rest assured she is in the air and on the way to the next destination.

A graduate of Williamsburg Academy, at the age of 17, Malia began taking online classes at a college with the desire to receive a degree in Business.  Her plans of eventually moving on campus quickly changed as she accepted an offer to move to Germany to work as an au pair.

Malia continued her education online but eventually stopped American college classes in exchange for focusing on her German studies at a local university. Fluent in German, she is back stateside working as a high-profile nanny in Maryland.

“Even if Malia politely declined our overtures to leave her life behind and stay, we were foolish to let her go without a fight,” Author of the mommy blog ‘New Shooters’ said during their visit to Germany. “Not only did we miss her when it came to deciphering menus, but I’m confident we would not have lost Rose at Playmobil Land… or shaved those 22 seconds down to 17 or 18. Maybe spared a few eardrums…”

Homeschooled from a young age and the oldest of three, Malia has always been an independent learner. Before attending Williamsburg, she took classes focused on a Thomas Jefferson Education. The literature intensive classes and lively class discussions as a burger were impactful in her outlook on life.

As a silent thinker, Malia wouldn’t have considered herself an active within the burger community. But the leadership and critical thinking skills learned have carried through into adulthood. With the role of representing herself in her nannying jobs, the leadership classes have been a key asset.