100 Word Challenge


TBG Staff, Journalist

Hello, Burgers!

The staff at The Burger Gazette would like to invite you to participate in our first ever 100 Word Challenge! What’s a 100 Word Challenge you ask? It’s a fun, creative,  flash fiction contest.

The Rules are Loose. Based on this photo you take up the challenge to write exactly 100 words in response. That’s it.  Write 100 words however you like.  Make it a long haiku, write a short vignette, tell a true story, relate it to your day, describe the photo — it’s up to you!

Once you’ve written 100 words in the format of your choice, simply paste it as a comment for your fellow Burgers to enjoy!

That’s it. Sounds easy enough, but is it? Writing EXACTLY 100 words is the key. Good luck!