A Light in the Dark

Jayden Longhurst, Journalist

John arrived home late one night and it was dark: not

the normal dark of day, but the pitch blackness of

night that only bright lights disperse. Upon opening

the front door, he was surprised to see a person

standing just inside.

“Well hello John”, the man said.

“Fininglass!” John exclaimed. “It has been a while!”

“It has. We have been waiting for you.”

“Why?” John asked.

“The darkness and confusion are increasing, it is time

for our work to be put into place.”

“Really, after nights and nights of crushing work, it

is finally time?” 

‘Really, after nights and nights of crushing work, it is finally time?’”

“It is.”

“When does the ball start rolling?”

“We will start in a week.”

“Amazing how normal people can make a difference.”

“Amazing indeed!”

“What is my job?”

“Your job, John, will be to wait here.”

“WHAT?” John exclaimed,  “You can’t leave me out like

that! This is a chance to be in the thick of things. I

used to think I couldn’t do anything of significance.

That there were always others more powerful than I who

shaped the world. I didn’t think I was made of that

stuff. Now that I see the difference I can make, that

is being taken away from me?!”

“No John. … Your job is more important. You will be

the protector of the sword of the elements.”

There was silence. “But-–”

“No buts. You just said you were made of stronger

stuff. You are wise beyond your years. You will be the

steward of the sword. You will need to be around to

use the sword at the key points and to train the

others. Do you accept?”

“Do you think I can?”

“I do.”

“Then yes, I will serve in this way, though it is

important, it is nonetheless a rather sedentary duty.

Not what I expected, but if I can best serve here I


“Good! It is time for us to make a difference, it is

time for the light to shine, it is time for the evil

to be challenged, … it is TIME!”