Danielle and Derrek

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Danielle and Derrek




Danielle & Derrek, Journalist

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Derrek: Hey guys! We’re back!

Danielle: Of course we’re back. School has started and you got held back again. When are you ever going to graduate?

Derrek: It’s not my fault! Mrs. Kirk has it out for me. She said something about needing to turn in assignments.

Danielle: Yeah, yeah yeah. We don’t need to hear about this…

Derrek: For once, you are right. We are here to talk about advice.

Danielle: Advice? Is that what you call what you gave last year?

Derrek: Speak for yourself! So here is the deal. Last year we started answering any questions you guys sent in, and we want to do the same this year!

Danielle: If you need some advice on anything (and I mean anything) send it to theburgergazette@williamsburglearning.com and write “Advice” in the subject line.

Derrek: I know that it may seem a little scary to ask for advice from Danielle, but don’t worry. She doesn’t have any teeth so she can only gum you.

Danielle: Derrek! *uses super llama powers to virtually slap Derrek in the face* You were the one that convinced me to eat all my Halloween candy at once! I didn’t lose my teeth – I just lost my respect for you.

Derrek: He he! That was pretty fun! But speaking of respect don’t forget that any questions you send need to follow the elevated ethics.

Danielle: And don’t forget that every question will be filtered through Mrs. Williams.

Derrek: Also keep in mind. We aren’t adults! We’re both just in highschool. Though sometimes I feel like Danielle should still be in preschool…

Danielle: *le sigh* I think we should get going now, Derrek.

Derrek: I was going! But you so rudely interrupted me.

Danielle: *rolls eyes*

Derrek: As I was saying if you have a question that you need an adult to answer then don’t send it to us because we can’t always help out with those questions.

Danielle: Thanks guys! We hope to hear from you soon. Seeya!