Song Review: NF’s “Mansion”


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LI-TE, Journalist

Lyricists are known for thinking deeply and coming up with great metaphors and this is also the main goal of rappers. There is perhaps no one as adept at this as rapper Nathan Feuerstein, A.K.A. NF. Today I will talk of one of the biggest metaphors to come out of NF’s music and that is the song “Mansion,” which was released from the same named studio album.

The song starts with a beautiful chorus sung by Fleurie that opens with the lines “Insidious is blind inception. What’s reality with all these questions?” This first line refers to how starting with an unknowing can be detrimental. The second line sends a bit of a contradiction by asking what the point of reality is if you’re always asking questions about it. Then, the chorus sings,

“Broken legs, but I chase perfection.

These walls are my blank expression.

My mind is a home I’m trapped in, and

it’s lonely inside this mansion.”

The first piece of this section speaks to how Nate feels broken and incapable, yet he is still going to chase his dreams. The next lines bring out how his mind is a harmful trap and how he feels all alone in it.

Then we enter into the first verse as NF begins to rap about his mind, which is represented by a mansion. In this mansion, there are lyrics everywhere. He talks of how each room contains its own story represented by the lyrics on the walls. He then tells us that the downstairs is where you get the darker side of his life.

He states,

“I put holes in the walls with both my fists till they bleed.

you might get a glimpse of how I cope with all this anger in me.”

Nathan is rapping about how the way he copes can sometimes be damaging to himself and his psyche.

He then talks about the room that is the center of his pain and rage which is rooted in the abuse he experienced. He says, “Wish I could take a match and burn this whole room to the ground. Matter of fact, I think I’ma burn this room right now. Somehow, this memory, for some reason, just won’t come down.”

He wishes he could destroy the memory of the abuse but for some reason he can’t burn it out of his mind. He then raps up the verse by saying that his abuser will always have a room in his mind but he’s going to “…lock the lyrics inside,” cutting people off from that experience.

The second verse talks about how Nathan tries to cover up his issues instead of solve them. Starting off by rapping, “See, my problem is, I don’t fix things, I just try to repaint. Cover ‘em up, like it never happened, say I wish I could change.”

These lines discuss how despite knowing his issues, Nate doesn’t change them; he just covers them up. He then talks about the room in which his regrets are stored. He tells us that this room always makes him feel sick but Nathan can’t look past his regrets because they’re in the same room where he sleeps. He then goes on to finish the verse by talking about some of his regrets.

In the third verse NF discusses his safe room by telling us he doesn’t let people in cause he’s scared they’ll leave. He says, “You might get other doors open, but this door’s not, cause I don’t want you to have the opportunity to hurt me.”

Nate is afraid of opening up to people about deep things because he’s afraid it will scare people away from him. He then goes on to talk about the fact that he built the mansion because he thought it would be safe, but it isn’t because he let fear in and fear won’t leave. At the end he wraps it up saying, “Is that me or the fear talking? I don’t know anymore,” revealing that he can’t tell the difference between himself and his fear.

There’s more to this song, and in my opinion, this song deserves a 4.5/5. “Mansion” has the potential to be a true powerhouse in the music world. The chorus has a beautiful eerie feel and the verses pack a sick flow of parables. All in all, this song is definitely a part of the A-tier list of rap songs.