Album Review: (Imagine Dragons) Evolve


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Kyler Troy Dennis (LI-TE), Journalist

In what seems to be a new modern age of music, there are several new artists that have emerged, including Imagine Dragons. This Grammy-award-winning band includes four members: Dan Reynolds (vocalist), Wayne Sermon (guitarist), Ben McKee (bassist and keyboardist), and Daniel Platzman (drummer). In 2012, the limelight was originally shed on them with the release of their debut album, Night Visions. They then released their second album, Smoke and Mirrors, in February of 2015. Their most recent album, Evolve, came out on June 23, 2017.

Imagine Dragons has changed so much since their early days in 2008. As their frontman Dan Reynolds stated, the album really has been an “Evolution for Imagine Dragons.” This article focuses on Imagine Dragons’ new evolution and how wonderful the album Evolve truly is.

The three singles for Evolve include the songs “Believer,” “Thunder,” and “Whatever It Takes.” Each of these were on the Billboard Hot 100, and “Believer” even peaked at number two. But the singles weren’t the only successes, for the album as a whole achieved over 1,000,000 sales in the USA alone, giving it a platinum certification. Now, these are just ratings. Did Imagine Dragons really deserve all this? I believe so.

Several of the songs have their own unique style. Each song has its own unique meaning. “Thunder” was possibly the biggest breakthrough in the musical style of Imagine Dragons, breaking into the EDM genre. Additionally, Evolve is the first album by Imagine Dragons to include songs about love, from songs like “Yesterday” talking about learning from the past to songs like “Walking the Wire” which is about taking a risk for love. Even when you take out the deep message of the songs in the album, each song is a lovely piece of ear candy. With powerhouse songs like “Believer” and “Rise Up,” there is no question about the band’s skill.

All in all, Evolve has good diversity while still appealing to the band’s main following. As a lyricist, Dan Reynolds does a wonderful job at giving a fabulous meaning to each song. I’d give this album a 4/5.