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Photo Courtesy of Bridget Graney

Bridget Lynn, Staff Write Liaison

The men, the myths, the legends.

Two Williamsburg Learning natives have created an iconic musical band named Soul Chicken. This is an excellent title to describe the amusement one experiences when introduced to this one-of-a-kind group. Let’s meet the two boys who have created a positive uproar among our very own Burger Universe.

Quincy Hughes (who is 18 years old and often referred to as Bra$$Monkey) is the lead vocalist of the band. His voice is uniquely captivating and his appreciable humor speaks for itself. His memorable voice reminds me of John Gourley. Quincy graduated from LANV last year as a Burger icon and continues to keep his iconic status within the band.

Jed Richardson (who is 17 years old and often referred to as The Hypist) is the drummer and backup vocalist of the band. He provides the band with quotes worth remembering, loveable dog pictures, and skillful drumming. Currently, Jed is a junior at LANV, balancing being an ambassador at school and a legend in the band.

I, Bridget Lynn, am honored to claim the honorary title of being their manager. Not only are Jed and Quincy two of my closest friends, they’re also two of my favorite musicians. Removing all of my personal bias, I truly believe that any person who listens to their covers would instantly be drawn into their fantastic, idiosyncratic vibe.

Giving their music a listen will be a decision you won’t regret; becoming a supporter will be the best decision of your life.

It’s my distinct pleasure to introduce the recorded interview of Soul Chicken:

Connect with Soul Chicken:

Instagram – @soul_chicken_official

Soundcloud – Soul Chicken

Facebook – Soul Chicken