Oh Wonder


Little Stitious, Journalist

Oh Wonder is an alt-pop duo based out of London, England. The members, Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, began pursuing a somewhat unique musical career together in September of 2014. Starting that month, they wrote, recorded, and released a new song themselves every month for twelve months. Their melancholy melodies and emotional lyrics quickly caught the attention of listeners and the duo was signed to Republic Records, a subdivision of Universal Music Group, the largest music corporation in the world. Their year of writing a song a month culminated with the release of all of the monthly songs (plus a few more) compiled on their self-titled album.

The album features precise and powerful lead vocals by Josephine backed up by vocals from Anthony. Many instruments are included in their music, mainly the piano and keyboard paired with their vocals creating poignant soundtracks of emotion, forcing any listeners to sway with the melodies. With lyrics addressing love, relationships, self-appreciation, hope, a need for comfort and belonging, and a myriad of other themes, including some left up to personal interpretation. The duo’s vocals and lyrical compositions allows a wide audience to be affected, rather than specifically feminine or masculine lyrical settings that can limit relatability. In fact, Oh Wonder is all around relatable. Oh Wonder is a beautiful example of vulnerable, honest, and empathetic music that becomes valuable to those who listen.