Emily Mueller Interviews Talia Hollist


Emily Mueller

Talia Hollist is a graduate of Williamsburg Academy. Talia has had an impressive path since graduating from Williamsburg Academy, so TBG wanted to feature her story.

Emily Mueller (The Burger Gazette): Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Talia Hollist: I am 16-years-old and am a Freshman in college—crazy story. I currently am taking classes at a local Technical College here in Georgia, but I’m planning to transfer to BYU-Idaho in the Fall! Everyone I meet—at college, in Wal-mart, at baby showers—thinks I’m 21. It’s pretty great. I am one of seven kids in my family, but only three of us are still at home though. My family is the best! We like going on epic adventures during Summer and Christmas vacations- skiing, canoeing, participating in Pageants, hiking mountains, monopolizing our cousins’ couches and floor space when we stop by on road trips cross country, and the list goes on and on! Some of my passions include being outdoors, building and strengthening relationships with friends and family, watching things grow (not just plants, but my own talents, abilities, knowledge, etc.), and living life!

EM: How many years did you go to Williamsburg Academy (and why did you leave)?

TH: I attended WA for a year and a half, but it was super awesome! I left because I finished all the credits I needed for high school.

EM: Why did you decide to graduate early?

TH: I have always been a “get ‘er dun” person, and I like a challenge. So, I decided to cram a bunch of credits, work hard, and get ‘er dun!

EM: What sorts of things did you do to be able to graduate early?

TH: I skipped 1st grade – not a huge accomplishment – and I worked hard to finish credits early.

EM: What have you done in terms of education since you left high school?

TH: I got a Certified Nursing Assistant license which is a qualification that allows you to work under the supervision of an RN or an LPN in assisted living facilities (nursing homes, rehab facilities, etc) and I am taking three college courses right now: Economics, Psychology, and Statistics- word of advice, never take Economics and Statistics in the same semester (unless you’ve got some heavy duty brains on you).

EM: What is a CNA?

TH: A nursing assistant who usually just provides basic healthcare needs for those who can’t do a whole lot themselves (helping people brush their teeth, eat, get dressed, etc.).

EM: What made you want to be a CNA?

TH: I wanted to check out nursing a bit to see if I would enjoy nursing as a career (like going to nursing school to become an RN or an LPN).

EM: What are you doing now?

TH: Right now? Answering these interview questions (JK). While taking three classes, I’ve been working for a guy doing financial stuff (things like data entry, managing some of his financial accounts, etc.) This is also so that I can get some job (and life) experience. I’m trying to expose myself to new things that I might want to pursue educationally.

EM: Do you plan to use your CNA qualifications in the future?

TH: Yes! When I go out to Idaho in the Fall, I plan to use my CNA certification to help pay my way through college.

EM: What is your life like now, and what do you hope to do in the future?

TH: My life is pretty busy! When I’m not studying, I’m at home helping my Mom around the house, at church, or at work. I love it though! I have straight A’s so far, and the rigorous pace of my life right now just keeps me going. In the future, I plan to enjoy my Summer, then buckle down at BYU-Idaho. When I turn 19, I plan to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and after that, I plan to finish my Bachelors at BYU-Provo! I still am not quite sure what degree I want to get, but I’ve been thinking about Business Management or Nursing.